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BronyCan Contest Submission ~Rocky Mountians~ by drewq123 BronyCan Contest Submission ~Rocky Mountians~ by drewq123
For :iconmlpfriendshipismagic: 's BronyCAN contest 2014

Journal Entry #47:

It’s been about 3 days now since the report that a swarm of changelings were spotted off the east coast of Canada near Vanhoover, naturally I was a little concerned with our posts being near that region but I thought that surely the princess’ royal guards along with herself would be able to fend off the attack. I was wrong. Today started off great, a large bowl of oats and hay with a blueberry muffin and butter, I said my farewells to my wife and foal and headed off to work assisting the guards at Mareaine (Mare-eh-n) Lake in Banff National Park. About an hour into the shift however, the royal warning bell in the princess’ castle went off without warning. We sent a couple of our pegasus soldiers to go investigate since we were one of the closest places to lend a helping hoof, But only ten minutes after they left they came speeding back towards the base. When asked to report their findings they said that ‘There was a huge black cloud moving quickly towards us, we went closer to see what had happened but instead got a nasty shock to see that it was indeed not a cloud but a monstrous swarm of changelings headed this way’. Just as he finished his nervous collaboration we saw a great beam of light blue magic shoot across the sky and hit a pole combusting into flames upon contact. At that moment chaos consumed the land as ponies rushed everywhere trying to avoid or hide from the oncoming barrage of attacks, I luckily managed to escape to the forest just beyond the town’s perimeter with a few fellow guards we were terrified for our own lives along with the others we had left behind. My only hope now is that the shelter we have found in an abandoned cabin a couple miles from the town is safe, along with our loved ones. I fear that soon these entries will become sparse and may even stop altogether but for now we must find some way of surviving this dreaded attack, regrouping and planning some sort of strategy of what to do next.    ~Thunder Rush~


This large 2000 x 1332 pixel image was based off of a picture of Moraine Lake in Banff National Park, Canada AB:… . I really like going there with me living in AB, it really is beautiful and I hope that some of you could see it someday too! I hope that with this being a style close to that of MLP FIM’s (purposely) it will not be looked on any less than the others. For the other entries up until now I have not seen any with a close style resemblance to the show’s (and that makes me nervous). I know that the picture up there ^ didn’t show any of the fort in the story, that is because it would have taken too long for me personally, and because it is just a couple more meters to the right of the screen where you cannot see =p.

This image was made in GraphicsGale without using bases, tracing, etc. But obviously used copy and paste (trees), along with referencing to Queen Volucris (when I try to explain this to other people I say Queen V. since I don’t know how to pronounce her name…) and the changelings you see in the back/foreground. HOWEVER (and I want to make this clear) NONE of the image sections were taken from other artists (trust me I worked too hard on this for too long to have gone through that and want to be accused of stealing (seriously took about 3 weeks =( (mainly because of laziness tho =p))). I am so happy with how it turned out! Even though it could have used some more details like the mountains reflections in the water it’s much better than my last attempt at a contest entry:… .

Since I am writing this prior to finishing the picture above (needed a break, still need to do mountain and front rock textures) I am planning to submit another picture along with this one with a caption. You can find it here:  Also, since I am not going to any Con’s this year (comic or brony) if I get in the top 9 it will be an good enough replacement for me. If not, good job for the people who did, and I need to go find another contest to enter! Fingers crossed since I am never good at these contests and always seem to lose…(not once have won anything online whether contest, giveaway, etc.).

I was originally planning to finish and submit this on April 29th (B-Day), but when given 4 extra days to polish it up... why not work on it a little bit longer?

Anyways, good luck to all who entered and I am looking forward to the results!

~Drewq123~ :salute:

EDIT: Well shitake mushroomz... looks like I need to find another contest to enter. =(

PhysicistEarthPony Featured By Owner May 3, 2014
This takes the O out of O.C.
drewq123 Featured By Owner May 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
In what way?
PhysicistEarthPony Featured By Owner May 3, 2014
That's just Chrysalis with blue and white fur. She even leads the changelings like Chrysalis.
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